3 Facts About Mosquitoes

Summer is often many people’s favorite season, but one thing that summer brings that many people do not like is an increase in insect populations. The warmer weather is not only attractive to humans but also to bugs that spend more time roaming around, breeding, and feeding. This can make the outside world seem a bit unpleasant and discourage summertime fun.

One nuisance that you have likely heard of is a mosquito, which is a tiny insect that can leave aggravatingly itchy bites on the skin. Learning more about them can prevent bites, though, so let’s look at some interesting facts about mosquitoes.

Only Females Bite

You may think that every mosquito is the cause of your pain, but this is not the case. Only female mosquitoes bite, and they do so because they need the proteins in blood to produce and lay eggs. Female mosquitos are often the ones you hear buzzing around your ear and the ones you see landing on your legs or arms.

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They Are Deadly

Mosquitoes are considered the world’s deadliest animal, which is due to their propensity to carry disease. While ticks can also carry diseases, they must be attached for at least 24 hours to transmit the disease. Because of potential disease spreading, mosquito control highlands ranch is highly recommended.

They Are Greedy

Mosquitoes like to drink blood, right? But, did you know that they are capable of drinking more blood than a human can drink in a full week? Mosquitoes can ingest over 3 times their body weight in the blood of animals and humans, which is a lot when you think of drinking 3 times your own body weight.

Now that you have a bit more information about these insects, you can approach them with more knowledge and may be better at keeping them from biting you.