Advances In Medical Procedures

There has been a lot of advancements in medical procedures.  Back in the early days of medicine doctors and nurses were using fire and leaches to cure everything from a broken finger to the plague. Today, we have moved out of the dark ages and are now in the space age where we have mt pleasant robotic surgery taking place.


These robots are very useful in surgery due to their ability to follow a preprogramed set of commands.  These commands will have the same actions performed over and over again the same way each time. This is very useful when trying to perform precise movements.  For humans, this is an impossibility.

Smaller incisions

With these robots we are able to work with smaller incisions.  This means that we are less likely to have scars and our healing time is greatly reduced.  What once took several days or weeks to recover from, most people recover from in a few days or hours.

mt pleasant robotic surgery

More complicated surgeries

With the robots more complicated surgeries can be performed.  These surgeries now are possible because we are able to safely access parts of the body that we were not able to do without robots.

More preventative actions

With robots we are now able to do explorative procedures that we couldn’t do before.  We now have robots with cameras that can go deep into our bodies and take pictures and videos of what is going  on inside of us. We can also have lasers attached to deal with some minor surgical procedures that could be handled right then and there.

The future of medicine

With the introduction of robots and their ability to perform surgical procedures, the future of medicine is looking bright.  We can start to learn more about the human body, experiment with new procedures and create an overall better quality of life for everyone.