How Teenagers Get Depressed Today

These are definitely difficult days. Pretty much everyone, both young and old, is feeling the pinch these days. Pretty much everyone is feeling the pressure of COVID life. One way or another, the pandemic has negatively affected your lives. But it has to be said that there are those who have been feeling depressed for a lot longer. And so far no good, because 21st century life does not appear to be kind to a growing number of teenagers out there. By now, the teenage depression kirkland register will have grown exponentially.

And if good parents are not overtly concerned, they are perturbed. They do not always seem to understand why their young teenagers, soon to be young adults, appear to be carrying such heavy weights on their shoulders. Could it be that such parents have been far too busy in their own, usually challenging, lives to notice? It would have been unfair on the good parents to even suggest this because what seems to make it hard for them is that their children do not always seem willing or able to talk to them.

It is usual that good parents would ask. But they usually find themselves having to drag a reply out of their kids. Of course, if they are at least kind, this is not something that they are always willing to do. It is tough. No one, both young and old, can be forced to speak out or even act out. But even so, this is one of the underlying principles of successful therapy for a variety of mental disorders including depression. Ultimately, the young patient is going to have to speak out. But perhaps it is easier this way.

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Because with parents it always seems so awkward.